Prophecy Update 2016-04-17

Sunday, 17 April 2016

-For today’s prophecy update I’m going to address what may be the most important development of the year concerning Israel. -What I’m speaking of is how the jury may be out on whether or not the US President vetoes a UN Security Council Resolution. -As it turns out Obama is the only one who now holds the key to stop the latest Palestinian attempt to condemn Israel at the UN.

-It’s important to note that this is happening amidst what I like to call the perfect prophetic storm, which is forming as we speak. -By perfect prophetic storm, I mean, the numerous prophecies in the Bible that today are converging on the geopolitical horizon. -While we will come back to the upcoming UN Resolution, I think it would be good to quickly look at what’s making up this storm.

What follows though, it’s neither exhaustive, nor in any particular order, are just a handful of significant prophecies that today are in play, starting with the recent increase of sizeable earthquakes, three of which were in Japan. Yesterday, CNN reported that it’s a race against the clock to find survivors after a third magnitude-7.3 earthquake hit early Saturday morning. This after, a 6.0 the day before on Friday, which was before a 6.2 earthquake the day before that on Thursday, making for a total of three massive earthquakes, in Japan in just three days. (Matthew 24:4-8)

Another prophecy in this perfect prophetic storm is that of Isaiah 17 concerning Syria, and the laughable ceasefire, which it seems, has already been violated. According to YNet News on Friday, US Secretary of State John Kerry was quoted, as saying there was an "urgent need" for the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to stop violating the cease-fire in Syria.,7340,L-4792104,00.html

In the interest of time, I’ll quickly mention other prophecies also in this perfect prophetic storm such as the merging of alliances amongst the nations in Ezekiel 38, and perhaps more importantly, the nations not listed, chief of which are Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, who protests the Russian Iranian led nuclear attack against Israel for the purpose of taking a spoil.

This brings us to the aforementioned development concerning the US and Israel. I’ll start with this Times of Israel report from last Sunday, in which they state that the UN draft calls for a resolution on the final status issues within one year. Quoting the article, “Israeli daily Haaretz, which first reported on the resolution, said the Palestinians want the Security Council to vote when PA President Mahmoud Abbas is in New York on April 22 (which is Passover) for a high­level signing ceremony for the landmark climate agreement reached in Paris in December. Dozens of international politicians are expected to attend the ceremony.”

This is where it gets very interesting because according to a subsequent Times of Israel article published on Tuesday, there is grave concern in Israel, by virtue of the fact that the upcoming Security Council resolution is projected to easily win the votes it needs, and this time a US veto is far from assured. Here are a couple of excerpts from this very telling article, “Unlike last time Israel faced a hostile resolution at the United Nations Security Council, in December 2014, this time there is virtually no chance that it will fail to garner the required majority. That means that the key to fending off the latest Palestinian attempt to get Israel condemned at the UN’s most important body lies with US President Barack Obama.

I suppose the question becomes, what will the US president do. Perhaps we need look no further than to Friday’s Jerusalem Post report, in which it seems to be clear in no uncertain terms that all options are on the table for solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including UN actions. Here’s what the report had to say, “The United States will consider taking its concerns over Israel's settlement activity, or over a general stall in negotiations toward a final-status solution with the Palestinians, to the United Nations Security Council, the State Department said on Thursday. The Obama administration outlined its stance after several days of confusion over whether the US might or might not consider such a move.

Thankfully, such a move is being met with vehement opposition as evidenced by this Times of Israel report on Saturday.  Apparently, a majority of Most US lawmakers have penned a letter to Obama opposing any UN action against Israel. Here’s what the Times reported, “The letter undersigned by 394 House Republicans and Democrats — more than 90 percent of the 435 representatives was sent to Obama Thursday amid reports that the Palestinian Authority might revive a draft resolution against Israel’s policies in the West Bank, similar to the one vetoed in 2011 at the Security Council by the United States. …An overwhelming majority of the US House of Representatives signed a letter urging President Barack Obama to reject any actions by the United Nations that are biased against Israel.

-Kindly allow me to bring it in for a landing with what we’re told is UN Security Council negotiations toward a final-status solution. -I’m convinced now more than ever a final-status solution or two-state solution if you prefer, is Hitler’s final solution repackaged. -It should be noted that the word Jihad, means, Holy War and it can also mean a personal struggle, this according to Webster’s.

Merriam-Webster defines Jihad as 1: a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty; also: a personal struggle in devotion to Islam especially involving spiritual discipline -2:  a crusade for a principle or belief.

-Here’s where I’m going with this, if Jihad means personal struggle, then to me it also becomes Hitler’s Mein Kampf repackaged. -This because, Mein Kampf is German for “My Struggle.”  Dare I say Hitler’s struggle for a Final Solution, is back in play today. -If this is true, and please be a Berean and search the scriptures for yourself to see if it is, then our redemption truly draws nigh!