Prophecy Update 2016-03-20

Sunday, 20 March 2016

-Before we jump into today’s prophecy update I want to quickly mention two things that I had announced in last week’s update. -First, we’ve had a number of people from our online church that inquired about the status of the renovation of our new church. -As such, at the end today’s prophecy update, I will be also doing a building update for the benefit of those who are interested.

-Secondly, by way of a friendly reminder next week March 27th is Resurrection Sunday, and we will not have a prophecy update. -Instead, I will be doing, what we do every year at this time, which is a teaching on and a celebration of the Christ’s resurrection. -For those of you who are concerned about not having a prophecy update with so much going on, we will resume on April 3rd.

-Now, for today’s prophecy update, I’ll begin by making a statement that at first will surely sound like a firm grasp of the obvious. -As of today, the entire world has moved one week closer to the fulfilling of numerous Bible prophecies of profound significance. -Please know I’m not trying to be cute, rather, I just want to provide a clear perspective of what we’re now seeing in real time.

-I’m of the belief that what we’re witnessing is all, not some, or even most, but all the significant prophecies are today in play. -By that I mean, that simultaneously, key prophecies in the Bible are all moving towards fulfillment one in concert with the other. -What follows in no particular order I would argue are major Bible prophecies that are with each passing day about to be fulfilled.

The first prophecy is Ezekiel 38, where we’re told God Himself will put a hook in the mouth of a Russian and Iranian led alliance of nations to attack Israel in order to take a spoil. On Wednesday, YNet News published an interesting article about the EU’s piqued interest in buying Israeli natural gas. Suffice it to say, this will not make Putin’s Russia very happy, especially given the fact that neither Russia, nor Iran for that matter, are part of the European Union.,7340,L-4779238,00.html

The next prophecy is Isaiah 17, which is about Damascus becoming a ruinous heap. This last week, the world was stunned to learn that Russia was withdrawing their troops from Syria. On Wednesday, The Washington Post reported Israel is fearful that Russia’s pullout from Syria will leave dangerous void. Here’s some of what they had to say, “Israel viewed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that he was removing the bulk of his troops from Syria with a mix of surprise and concern.

I found this Times of Israel article most interesting when also on Wednesday, they published a report that “Israel won’t allow Iran and Hezbollah to establish a foothold on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, which is what President Reuven Rivlin told his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Wednesday night at a meeting in Moscow.

One of the reasons I believe that all of this points to the soon fulfillment of Isaiah 17 is because of reports like this one from The Washington Times on Thursday, in which they quote the Israeli defense chief as saying that he sees the inevitable collapse of Syria amid this sudden Russian exit. The article also quotes him as saying that any diplomatic push to keep the war-torn nation of Syria whole is ‘wishful thinking’.

In the interest of time, I won’t take the time to talk about recent developments concerning the Zechariah 12 prophecy however, I would like to take the time to point out this Jerusalem Post article from Tuesday, concerning Petra, which many Bible teachers believe Matthew 24 and Revelation 12 prophesies as the place the Jews will flea to and be protected in during the last three and a half years of the seven year tribulation. It seems that Jews have already been buying real estate in Petra, which prompted the Jordanian parliament to pass a law that bans the sale of real estate in Petra to Israelis.

Lastly, I think I would be grossly remiss were I not to draw your attention to this Fox News piece from Thursday, in which they report that the State Department would end up missing a congressionally mandated deadline to decide whether to declare the ISIS atrocities against Christians a genocide. That was early on Thursday, then, later that day, there was the breaking news that due to the pressure, John Kerry finally acquiesced and while some saw it as disingenuous at best, and dishonest at worst, others saw it as too little, too late.                   

Speaking of the State Department, on Thursday, Arutz Sheva reported that the US State Department webpage has completely erased Israel. Quoting the report, “While the US State Department’s refusal to recognize Jerusalem as being part of the State of Israel is well-known and was even the subject of a US Supreme Court case, it seems that the official US visa information and appointment services website has erased Israel completely.

-Last week I mentioned the handwriting is on the wall, concerning the fulfillment of key prophecies, of which this last one is one. -Namely, the conspicuous absence of the once most powerful and blessed nation on earth from the pages of Bible prophecy. -I truly believe that we need look no further than to how this nation has turned it’s back on God and God’s people to know why.

-I’ll take it a step further and suggest that America abandoning Almighty God is an explanation of what we see happening today. -More specifically what’s happening with this year’s presidential election and I’ll even add the recent Supreme Court nomination. -Simply put, it appears to be only a matter of time before this nation implodes from within, or is destroyed from without, or both.

-If there was ever a time to get right with God it’s now. If you have never called on the name of the Lord I implore you do it today. -I’ll bring it to a close with a simple explanation of how to be saved from Romans the Apostle Paul’s letter to the church of Rome.