Prophecy Update 2016-03-13

Sunday, 13 March 2016

-Before we jump into today’s prophecy update I want to quickly mention two things, the first of which has to do with our building. -We’ve had a number of people from our online church who have inquired about the status of the renovation of our new church. -As such, I’m planning on doing a building update at the end of next week’s prophecy update, which will be Sunday, March 20th.

-The second thing I would like to mention is that the following week is Resurrection Sunday, which will be Sunday, March 27th. -As such we will not have a prophecy update on that Sunday, as I will be doing a teaching on the celebration of the resurrection. -For those of you who are concerned about not having a prophecy update with so much going on, we will resume on April 3rd.

-Now, for today’s prophecy update, I would like to talk about what I see as a very busy week on the calendar of Bible prophecy. -It seems that with each passing week, and even each day, we are moving very fast towards the fulfillment of key prophecies. -Namely, that of Zechariah 12, where we’re told that dividing Jerusalem will be the intoxicating obsession of the entire world.

I’ll begin with this Jerusalem Post report on Tuesday that most Israelis believe a divided capital is already a foregone conclusion.  This would seem to suggest that Israel believes it’s only a matter of time before this happens. In other words, it’s not a matter of if, but when, and how soon.                                                                                            

If this weren’t bad enough, on the same day, YNet News reported that Obama was considering a UN resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.                                                                                ,7340,L-4775666,00.html

I found this Arutz Sheva Op-Ed published on Thursday rather interesting, such that the question is asked concerning wither or not the UN can legally impose a solution on Israel. As we’ve talked about in prior updates, this two-state solution is Hitler’s final solution repackaged.                                                                    

I suppose this Jerusalem Post article should come as no surprise when on the same day they reported that US officials had a growing government concern over the two-state solution. Quoting the article, Having twice failed to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace, the Obama administration is discussing ways to help preserve the prospect of an increasingly threatened two-state solution, US officials said. One possibility under discussion is to issue an outline of a deal to end the nearly 70-year-old conflict on such matters as borders, security, the status of Jerusalem and the fate of Palestinian refugees. …Under one scenario, the outline could be enshrined in a UN Security Council resolution to give it greater international standing …Resorting to a UN resolution would require a major shift in long-standing US. policy, which has mostly opposed use of the United Nations as a forum for pressuring Israel.

On Tuesday, The Times of Israel echoed this in their report that the US may back a UN outline of the two-state deal in a fresh peace push. In it they say, the US administration is reportedly weighing what would be a highly controversial move to back a United Nations resolution outlining the principles of a two-state Israeli-Palestinian peace deal in a fresh peace push. The report came just as US Vice President Joe Biden headed to Israel on Tuesday as part of a Middle East tour; the White House has insisted he will not be aiming to jump-start peace efforts.

Wednesday, March 9th, -The Jerusalem Post -Police: Biden visit to Israel may have triggered Palestinian stabbings

Jim Long, himself a West Point graduate here in our church sent me this must read article published on Wednesday in The Times of Israel, titled, “My friend Taylor Force is dead.” The writer, Erik Simpkins, argues that Taylor died in a war that he didn’t know he was in the middle of, stating that, Taylor is dead because of a lot of misleading ideas about exactly what goes on in Israel. Misleading people is currently the policy of the US government. The US and Israel’s policy is to see the idea of a Two State Solution through.

It was because of this and other terrorist attacks taking place last week that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to complete the security barrier in the area of Jerusalem.                                                  

-It’s important for us to understand how that Bible prophecy has an intersecting dynamic, for lack of a better way of saying it. -By that I mean prophecies like the aforementioned Zechariah 12 intersect with other prophecies in the Bible such as Ezekiel 38. -In Zechariah 12, we’re told that the surrounding people will lay siege, whereas in Ezekiel 38, an alliance of nations attack Israel.

Wednesday, March 9th, Yahoo News -Iran fires 2 missiles marked with 'Israel must be wiped out'

Thursday, March 10th, Reuters -Revolutionary Guards commander says Iran's missile work will not stop

Monday, March 7th Reuters -Israel's Netanyahu declines offer to meet with Obama: White House

-I’ll lose the way I began and simply state the handwriting is on the wall, as it were, concerning the fulfillment of key prophecies. -For those of us who long for the Lord’s return, be encouraged and continue to look up because our redemption is drawing nigh. -For those who don’t know the Lord, I implore you, to call upon the name of the Lord so you can be saved before it’s too late.