Prophecy Update 2016-03-06

Sunday, 06 March 2016

-For today’s prophecy update I sense the need to talk about how the US electoral process has all but eclipsed Bible prophecies. -With each week that passes, I find myself increasingly convinced that it’s fast becoming a distraction and deception of the devil. -More specifically, we’re being distracted from what I would argue is an imminent attack on Israel, and the collapse of America.

On Friday, YNet News reported that Hezbollah is preparing for the 'biggest war ever' with Israel. Quoting from the article, Hezbollah believes it can bring any future war into Israeli territory, according to a report published Thursday in Foreign Affairs that cites “sources close to the party”.,7340,L-4774325,00.html

On the same day, Arutz Sheva reported that Hezbollah had actually vowed to invade Israel in the next war. Here’s some of what they had to say, “In the next war, Hezbollah won’t stay on the borders, and the Israeli settlements in the north will not be protected from this," a source close to the terror group based in southern Lebanon told the paper, claiming Hezbollah now for the first time can infiltrate Israel in open war.

It seems that Hezbollah has emboldened neighboring Hamas as evidenced by this Jerusalem Post exclusive on Thursday, in which they reported that Hamas is preparing an Iranian-style swarm boat attack for a future clash with Israel.

On Friday, the very next day, The Jerusalem Post reported that in addition to sea-based attacks, Hamas has infiltrated into Israeli settlements in order to manifest the next phase of the 'intifada'.

-Some Bible prophecy teachers are suggesting that we are about to see Psalm 83 fulfilled, which may very well be the case. -However, while the jury may still be out on the Psalm 83 prophecy, I believe the verdict is in on the prophecy in Zechariah 12. -Namely, that of the surrounding peoples attacking Israel under the banner of the entire world being obsessed with Jerusalem.

Consider, this Jerusalem Post report from Tuesday, with the headline, Architecture will play critical role in any proposal to divide Jerusalem. …In an interview with The Jerusalem Post’s sister publication, Ma’ariv, published on Monday, Yehuda Greenfield-Gilat emphasized that the united model of Jerusalem is not sustainable and must give way to practicality.

Add to this the article just the day before on Monday, titled, 'Palestinian Authority collapse a question of when, not if'. The Palestinian Authority is going to collapse whether Jerusalem wants it to or not, and Israel will pay the price in terrorism evolving out of the ensuing anarchy, Immigrant and Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin said Monday.

-All of this is just as it relates to Israel and all of this was just as of last week, which brings us back home to the United States. -In addition to the election distracting us from an attack on Israel, it’s a distraction from what’s happening to the United States. -If the articles I read and the documentaries I’ve watched are any indication, it’s just a matter of time before the US collapses.

Mark Hitchcock, whom we’ve been privileged to have speak here at Calvary Chapel Kaneohe, said it best in his book, “The Late Great United States,” which he wrote a number of years ago now. Here’s a quote from his must read book, “The future of America that we can deduce from Scripture is exactly what we see beginning to materialize before our eyes in today’s headlines. America is encountering serious problems at home and abroad. …When the trumpet sounds and all the believers in the United States vanish, America’s final days will be like so many pages dangling from a December calendar. Like the great powers before it, the United States will collapse under the weight of its own sin, self-indulgence, and excess. In this light, here are [some] conclusions: … 1. It appears that America must remain strong until the end times to continue its defense of Israel as the Jewish state tries to stay afloat in a sea of enemies. 2. The scriptural silence concerning America in the end times (after the Rapture) indicates that America will fall from its position of world prominence. 3. World power in the end times is centered in the reunited Roman Empire (Europe). 4. European prominence can only be explained in light of U.S. decline. 5. The United States will suffer its decline and its fall at the Rapture of the church, probably in combination with a series of other harsh setbacks.”

-To those who are looking to and hoping in a presidential candidate to “take our country back,” I have to say in love it’s not likely. -I’ll take it a step further and suggest that any hopes of seeing any repentance or even revival in America are also not very likely. -That’s not to say God in His grace is not capable of bringing about a great awakening, surely, nothing is too hard for the Lord.

One of the reasons I suggest this is because God seems to be bringing about an awakening, not in America, but in Iran, of all places. On Thursday, The Christian Post reported that over 450,000 Iranians had joined the Iranian House Church Movement, as a 'great number of Muslims are turning to Jesus Christ.'

-I’ll bring it to a close with what I believe is a plausible scenario in light of all that I’ve shared today particularly concerning Israel. -First, I believe what we’re seeing take place in the Middle East is the final number of the Gentiles coming in, Romans 11:25. -Once that last Gentile comes to Christ then God commences with His plan for Israel, and all Israel will be saved. Romans 11:26

-This is where it gets really exciting because once that last Gentile comes to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ we’re raptured. -Once we’re raptured, I’m of the belief that America will be gutted out by virtue of the fact that the restrainer has been taken out. -Then, once the restrainer is taken out, all hell will literally break loose: and to think that America is consumed with the election!