Prophecy Update 2016-02-07

Sunday, 07 February 2016

-For today’s prophecy update I find myself reluctantly needing to address Obama’s speech at an Islamic Mosque near Baltimore -The reason I say reluctantly is I forced myself to watch it knowing full well what I’d hear him say about Muslims as well as Islam. -Moreover, I also knew what I would hear him say about Christians and Christianity and he in fact said exactly what I’d thought.

To make matters worse, according to Fox News on Wednesday, the mosque that Obama visited and spoke at has been under FBI Surveillance since back in 2010.

-If this weren’t bad enough, both the president and one Nancy Pelosi furthered the propaganda and lies at the prayer breakfast.

On Friday, The Christian Post reported that Nancy Pelosi had invoked ‘the prophet Muhammad’ at this years National Prayer Breakfast, and compared Islam and Christianity when she misquoted the Bible from the gospel of John.

-Again, I won’t quote from these speeches, which took place the very next day, as I do not wish to repeat the many grievous lies. -I would submit that the lies come from the father of lies the devil himself to deceive the masses by way of the powerful delusion.

Speaking of the powerful delusion, I would like to recommend Jan Markell’s ministry, “Understanding the Times,” specifically part one of a broadcast with Congresswoman Michele Bachman, titled, “How Strong Delusion is Setting the Final Stage.” While I’m at it, I would also like to recommend “Behold Israel,” which is the Bible prophecy ministry of Amir Tsarfati.  I follow him as well as Jan Markel and Michele Bachman on Twitter.

-Back to the speech’s, which was more of the same, such that, he had venerated Muslim’s and denigrated Jews and Christians. -It’s for this reason that I’m choosing not to quote from it. I will only make reference to it so as to provide a prophetic perspective. -This because, I’m of the belief, in this case particularly that I would err greatly to highlight the counterfeit instead of the genuine.

-Simply put, Islam is the counterfeit and Christianity the genuine. As such, I would rather light a candle than curse the darkness. -Actually, I did a little bit of research on the origin of this quote and found that there is some debate as to who originally said this. -While some attributed it to a Chinese proverb, others credit it to the English Wesleyan minister, William Lonsdale Watkinson.

The English Wesleyan minister William Lonsdale Watkinson used the expression in The Supreme Conquest, and other sermons preached in America, in 1907:” Here’s the quote from his sermon: “…denunciatory rhetoric is so much easier and cheaper than good works, and proves a popular temptation. Yet is it far better to light the candle than to curse the darkness.”

-Here’s where I’m going with this, as I was pondering the evil that seemingly waxes worse by the day, the Lord ministered to me. -Specifically, that my grieving of how evil and dark the world was becoming, would one day end, because of how evil will end. -The Lord had reminded me of and encouraged me with the Psalm of Asaph in Psalm 73, which I would like to read from in part.

-Here’s the bottom line, evil may presently seem to prosper and prevail, but soon and very soon, we will see how all of this ends. -However, evil will continue to seemingly triumph over righteousness until the trumpet sounds and the bride of Christ is raptured. -Like with the Psalm of Asaph, there remains the propensity to stumble in our faith unless we go into the sanctuary of the Lord.

“A lesson from a headless snake,” By Carolyn Arends --As a kid, I loved Mission Sundays, when missionaries on furlough brought special reports in place of a sermon. Sometimes they wore exotic, foreign clothing; they almost always showed a tray of slides documenting their adventures. If they were from a dangerous enough land, the youth in our congregation would emerge from our Sunday stupor and listen intently. There is one visit I’ve never forgotten. The missionaries were a married couple stationed in what appeared to be a particularly steamy jungle. …What has always stayed with me is the story they shared about a snake. One day, they told us, an enormous snake—much longer than a man—slithered its way right through their front door and into the kitchen of their simple home. Terrified, they ran outside and searched frantically for a local who might know what to do. A machete-wielding neighbor came to the rescue, calmly marching into their house and decapitating the snake with one clean chop. The neighbor reemerged triumphant and assured the missionaries that the reptile had been defeated. But there was a catch, he warned: It was going to take a while for the snake to realize it was dead. A snake’s neurology and blood flow are such that it can take considerable time for it to stop moving even after decapitation. For the next several hours, the missionaries were forced to wait outside while the snake thrashed about, smashing furniture and flailing against walls and windows, wreaking havoc until its body finally understood that it no longer had a head. Sweating in the heat, they had felt frustrated and a little sickened but also grateful that the snake’s rampage wouldn’t last forever. And at some point in their waiting, they told us, they had a mutual epiphany. I leaned in with the rest of the congregation, queasy and fascinated. “Do you see it?” asked the husband. “Satan is a lot like that big old snake. He’s already been defeated. He just doesn’t know it yet. In the meantime, he’s going to do some damage. But never forget that he’s a goner.” The story captured our imaginations then because it was graphic and gory— a stark contrast to the normally genteel sermonizing we were used to receiving. But the story haunts me because I have come to believe it is an accurate picture of the universe. We are in the thrashing time, a season characterized by our pervasive capacity to do violence to each other and ourselves. The temptation is to despair. We have to remember, though, that it won’t last forever. Jesus has already crushed the serpent’s head.