Prophecy Update 2016-01-10

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

-For today’s prophecy update I’ll address the prophetic significance of the start to our New Year in just the first ten days of 2016. -There’s a lot of moving parts prophetically, so what I’d like to do is try to sort through them, for a better understanding of them. -I’ll begin with what happened starting with last Sunday, and in so doing, connect the prophetic dots, as it were, with scripture.

While this has been gaining traction for many years now, last Sunday, January 3rd, The Jerusalem Post reported that the Vatican’s recognition of a Palestinian state has now come into effect. Clearly this will pave the way for increasing pressure on Israel to divide Jerusalem, which like never before is becoming the intoxicating obsession of the entire world.

-This is prophetically significant for a number of reasons not the least of which is the prophecy we have in the book of Zechariah.

This brings us to Monday, January 4th, and this Washington Post article titled, “Mideast tensions soar as Saudi Arabia rallies countries to cut ties with Iran.”

Also on Monday, January 4th, The Jerusalem Post published a most interesting report that, “China fears a regional conflict as Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran.” Quoting from the article, …"Like the international community, China is highly concerned about the developments and expresses concern that the relevant event may intensify conflict in the region," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a regular news briefing, referring to the escalation in tension. …"We hope the relevant parties can maintain calm and restraint, properly resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability," she said.

-This intensifying conflict points to no less than two prophecies, one of which is found in Ezekiel 38:13 concerning Saudi Arabia. -The second prophecy that comes to mind concerning this intensifying conflict is what Paul wrote to the church in Thessalonica.

Actually this ties into what happened on Tuesday, January 5th, as it relates to this Reuters News report with the headline, “North Korea nuclear test a 'wake-up call' for the world.” “…North Korea said it had successfully conducted a test of a miniaturized hydrogen nuclear device, which would mark a significant advance in the isolated state's technological capability. "This act constitutes a breach of the universally accepted norm against nuclear testing," Lassina Zerbo, head of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO). "It is also a grave threat to international peace and security."

-Coupe of thoughts on the significance of North Korea the first of which has to do with the connection to Iran’s nuclear program.

Town Hall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich said it best in this tweet: “Reminder: Wendy Sherman, the woman who negotiated North Korea's nuclear program is the same woman who negotiated the recent Iran deal.”

-It’s important to understand that the common denominator between North Korea and Iran is the nuclear destruction of America. -It’s also important to note that in the book of Revelation we have mention of an army from the east that marches towards Israel. -Some suggest this army includes the likes of both China and North Korea, this because of the prophecy in Revelation 16:12.

Speaking of China, let’s fast forward to Thursday, January 7th, and this CNN Money article in which they reported that the Dow had its worst four-day start to a year on record – Quoting the report, “The global market freakout of 2016 just got worse. The latest scare came on Thursday as China's stock market crashed 7% overnight and crude oil plummeted to the lowest level in more than 12 years.

-Because we’ve addressed the crashing of global markets prior, I’ll simply say this is exactly what Revelation says will happen.

This brings us to Friday, January 8th, and this Washington Post headline, “Philadelphia police: Man who tried to kill officer pledged allegiance to the Islamic State.” Here’s just a brief quote from this report, “Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D), who was sworn into office Monday, said Archer did “not represent” Islam and denounced the attacker’s invocation of the faith. “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers,” Kenney said at the same news conference. “This has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.”

-This is either utter stupidity and ignorance or political correctness or both, but I’m of the belief that instead of it being PC it’s PD. -Let me explain, those who are fully given over to the evil of PC I believe have been fully immersed in the powerful delusion, PD. -The powerful delusion demonstrated by this Philadelphia Mayor has given way to raping women by Muslim men in Germany.

“Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive.” By Matthew Bracken November 30th, 2015. “One way or the other, Muslim migrants will be attempting to move inside of German homes and apartments seeking heat and food, and the young Muslim men will be seeking undefended infidel or kafir women to slake their lust, (which is their right, under Islamic Sharia law). …2016 is shaping up to be an epic year in European and world history.

-Time doesn’t permit me to talk about many other things of prophetic significance, but suffice it to say, the world is coming apart. -You’ll forgive me if this sounds a bit cliché but Bible prophecy is coming together proportionate to how the world is falling apart. -It’s for this reason that the only hope for mankind is salvation found only in Jesus Christ, and the soon return of Jesus Christ.